SP On Campus: Surviving Uni

Here at Stylistpick.com, we want to make sure every babe of every age is catered for. That’s why we’ve introduced SP on campus! Not only will we be giving you our top tips and fashion picks straight from campus, but we’ll also let you in on the hottest discounts and savings for every student!

SP ON CAMPUS 2So, if you’re still reading this then congrats! You’ve survived freshers week! One of the most exciting yet terrifying weeks of your life. Anyone that can juggle making friends, getting to know a brand new city and attending lectures (possibly feeling slightly worse for ware), all at the same time deserves a medal! But what happens after the first week? When you’ve settled down and actually realised that you’re there to learn? We have some first hand tips on how to survive university, all year round.


We thought we’d get the most boring tip out of the way first. It’s obvious but key! Planning out your spending beforehand will save you so much stress and stop you from hitting that dreaded overdraft within the first term. Calculate how much the boring stuff costs first e.g. rent, bills, food. Then you’ll have a better idea of how much you’ll be able to spend on going out with friends, shopping (on Stylistpick.com of course!) and anything else you might fancy.


Don’t panic if you haven’t made hundreds of friends yet! It’s pretty easy to socialise with the people closest to where you’re living or even those on your course, but if this doesn’t happen then don’t worry. You’ll find loads of like minded people by joining societies, meeting friends of friends or even by getting a job. Everyone’s different and making best friends straight away isn’t a necessity.

Home Comforts

Everyone gets a little homesick and that’s okay! Deck out your new room with fun photos of family and friends from home. If your accommodation allows candles then pack one that smells familiar. If you have a favourite meal, buy the ingredients and cook it for your flatmates. Don’t forget that your parents and mates are only a phone call away.


One of the best things about being a student is all the amazing discounts to be found! By signing up to to Unidays.com you’ll recieve the best savings on Stylistpick all year round including 20% off all full price and sale products including clothing, shoes and accessories! Most shops and restaurants offer money off for students too so keep your eyes peeled!

So now you’re hopefully a little bit more up-to-date with uni life. Keep looking out for SP on Campus picks and tips coming to you every week!


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